Making from a distance

Like numerous workshops around the world, Bellerby & Co have had to adapt to an entirely new – and distanced – way of working these past few months. Founder Peter Bellerby talks through how his team, and their use of the space, has changed.

‘Communication is so important to make the process go smoothly – but with a lot of patience and extra effort to create go-betweens. No particular department has to be in at the same time in regards to another person’s role – though when there is a deadline we have to ensure the globe goes between the right people and that whomever needs to be in is in.

‘In some cases I’m driving supplies to the artists who are working at home, or collecting work from them to take to the colleague who will complete the next stage. This is all done without contact and as safely as possible.

‘We have a large warehouse space which means there is a lot of room for everyone to be spaced apart. We have separate entrances and exits, and we stagger arrival and leaving times as well as lunch times.

‘We are a small and close-knit team who understand the space, what needs to be accomplished day-to-day, the systems and priorities and how to be helpful to each other. We have a WhatsApp group for any reminders on keeping the studio clean or for changes to schedules. Our studio has a large capacity but for the purpose we are using it, and the concentration needed to work on globes, we will never have it too busy or anywhere near the capacity that it could have.’

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