we're Courier.

We make stuff to help you, a new generation of young entrepreneurs, work and live on your own terms.

Courier is about more than just starting a new business. It’s about providing a set of tools to help you learn new skills, make your own luck and be in charge of your own happiness.

What does living and working on your own terms even mean?

Work as we know it is changing. For the first time in modern history you can have four side hustles, set your own schedule and actually have a life. Gone are the days when we’re held accountable to a nine-to-five office job. Be your own boss. Live your own life. And think of Courier as the compass in your pocket to help get you there.

Who are we?

Courier exists to be a beacon for anyone who wants to work – and live – on their own terms. We're here for the dreamers, the planners and the doers who are setting out on their own unique journey. Whether your goal is to take over the world, build something new or just to earn a good living doing something you love, Courier is here by your side to show you the ropes, expose you to a world of others who are doing the same thing and, hopefully, fill in lots of the blanks so you can make a success of your big leap.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jeff Taylor leads a team in London, with correspondents around the world searching for new stories of people making a go of what we call ‘modern business’. Independently owned – Courier reaches millions of like-minded folk every month. Here's a sample of some of the things we do.

So, what do we make?


Our bi-annual magazine features stories of small business from around the world, a tapestry of rule-breakers, go-getters and savvy entrepreneurs. Peruse an issue.


Courier Weekly is our flagship newsletter covering notable stories in modern business, useful tools and simply good advice on how to get stuff done.


Hardcover books by Courier. Discover how inspiring people around the world are finding purpose and happiness in their work – and how you can, too.


Our range of guides is your go-to for any how-tos. They're practical, demystify processes and offer a multitude of ways to build something with ease.

Learn, chat, eat, drink and get inspired by our latest release or brand partnership at a Courier event. We're just as good in person.

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Work better.
Live smarter.
Be happier.