Snapshot: risograph printing in the Philippines

Featuring art press Bad Student

Quezon City-based Bad Student is the first and only risograph art press in the whole of the Philippines.

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The company, founded by Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales, started in 2017 when only a handful of people knew about using risograph – layered printing done at high speed with an internal stencil – for art, with riso machines mostly used as photocopiers to print flyers or test papers.

‘Back then, our artist friends were enthusiastic to try to experiment with riso. We also joined a lot of small book fairs and conducted riso workshops to introduce it to young students.’

Main cover

Right now, the pair say the local community is the most exciting part about DIY publishing in Quezon City: ‘A lot of activities are still happening even though we can’t see each other face to face.’

‘There are online book fairs and libraries where people browse and purchase zines and art books. People of all ages are signing up for online workshops, eager to learn and stay creative.’

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