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An outdoor opportunity: Season Three

An outdoor opportunity: Season Three

Courier Weekly

We spoke to Jared and Adam for the Courier Weekly podcast. They shared their journey, from manufacturing in northern Italy to big opportunities in the outdoor space, and talked about competing against heritage brands in the space. Listen to the full interview here.

Jared: 'For us, when we talked about the types of products and brands we admired, a lot of those things fall into the heritage category, because when you're talking about well-made products and product stories, that's what heritage has tried to sell for the past however many years.

'But I think that the failings of heritage is that it's a pretty niche market. When you think about those brands and the people who love those brands, it's pretty niche, although the characteristics and the qualities that you love aren't niche ideas. 

'The idea of something that's going to last, that's worth the investment, that's high-quality, that you can trust, something that has integrity – not just like, "Oh, I wear these because they're fashionable," but because they have a purpose and provide me some benefit that I wouldn't get from the next boot over. Those qualities, I think, are universal things that people would like.  

‘I think our mission at Season Three is not to just make things that kind of fall into those heritage categories for people who already love that stuff. But [ask ourselves] can we democratise that stuff? Can we open it up and make it more inclusive to where those values are appreciated? Because I think people really do appreciate that.’

To find out more about Season Three, click here.

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