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‘It's not just about safety, it's also about psychological safety.’

‘It's not just about safety, it's also about psychological safety.’

Courier Workshop Weekly

We spoke to Melissa for the Courier Weekly podcast. Listen above or read the story below.

‘It's not just about safety, it's also about psychological safety – the confidence to return. Just because you tell me that you're safe doesn't mean I'm going to believe you. But the first pass is logically around the base level of safety and so we think about it like a pyramid. Of course, safety is at the bottom: if you're not going to create the base level of things like PPE and cleaning things and all of that stuff, social distancing etc then you risk the likelihood that someone's going to say, I'm out, period. But if you take it one step up the pyramid, you’ve got to communicate those things effectively. 

It's about being human. It's about saying it's potentially going to change and here's why and here's what we're doing. But the third tier where we're actually seeing some exciting stuff is where companies are saying we're not just going to clean and tell you about it, we're actually going to do things differently that actually make the experience better. That's the piece where we're seeing some of the companies saying: 'look, I don't want to just have to spend money on right now, I want to create something that can sustain over time because we're going to come out of this and what the brand stands for now, you want it to be sustainable over time rather than taking a left turn later.'

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