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‘Cracking the nut milk market’

‘Cracking the nut milk market’

Courier Weekly

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'So I was sure if I did enough digging, I would uncover, "Oh, this is what happens, it's the one nut you can't do this with because of X, Y or Z." I spent endless hours, I talked with endless formulators, but there was none of that. The reason was supply chain. 

'So creating a supply chain of high-quality pistachios at an approachable price is really challenging. And I knew from the onset that I did not want to create a product at a price point that was so high that most people could never afford or would just say, "Whoa, that's crazy." I didn't want to make a $10 pistachio milk. I really wanted to make a pistachio milk that was, of course, going to be premium and priced slightly above maybe what almond was at the time, but not something two fold or three. 

'As soon as I established that we could secure a supply chain of high-quality pistachios at a product MSRP [manufacturer's suggested retail price] that was approachable, then it was like: OK, this has legs, this has a lot of merit – let's see if we can put this together. 

'So, at that point, I brought in my father, who at the time was a retired Silicon Valley entrepreneur himself. He was in the business of building cell phone chips, so he had founded and exited a few startups in Silicon Valley. Very smart, very successful. But coming in to help me build Táche was a huge departure from what he knew. But I knew that his really strong entrepreneurial background was going to be a huge asset to building Táche with me.’

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