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‘Look at emissions outside the walls of your business.’

‘Look at emissions outside the walls of your business.’

Courier Workshop Weekly

We spoke to Hana for the Courier Workshop podcast on carbon footprints. Listen to an extract above or read the story below.

‘I think directionally for any company in our space in apparel and footwear, it's pretty common for the majority of your footprint to be from the raw materials that you produce. So certainly looking at emissions not just within the four walls of your business, but all the way back in your supply chain is really important. So, we track five main categories of our footprint, which is pretty typical.

‘The first being raw materials. So, all of the emissions that go into producing the materials we use including the emissions from sheep on farms in New Zealand, for example.

‘The second is manufacturing. So, energy use at our factories.

‘The third is transportation.

‘Fourth is customer use. So, we take it actually beyond the factory gate and look at where we make assumptions about how customers are using and caring for our products.

‘And then, finally, end of life. What happens when the customer disposes of the product when they can no longer use it?’

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