Compass 2022: setting up a rural business

As cities across the world have experienced an exodus of people, we want to understand what opportunities and challenges exist in building companies outside traditional financial and technology centers.
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Rural entrepreneurship is one of 10 themes Courier wants to focus on in 2022 – our compass for content, if you will. Some stories and topics get us going a bit more than others, and while they might not include the fastest growing industries or the most talked-about trends, they're the ones we think deserve more attention over the coming 12 months. Click here to see all 10 themes.

The pandemic has shifted the foundations of what makes urban areas desirable places to live. For rural entrepreneurs, how necessary is it to have an urban connection? How are emerging tech hubs around the world innovating differently? And, other than a different pace of life, what are the extra benefits to being outside of the big ecosystems?

Already, there are businesses thriving away from city centers and increasing resources for those who want to give it a go. Forward Space is boosting creative communities through co-working spaces in south-west England, while the Rural America Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities and visibility for rural entrepreneurs, such as Bernice's Community Market, a community-focused grocery store in rural Louisiana. And businesses like the Tjukayirla Roadhouse (which sells goods and fuel 264km from the nearest town in Australia's outback) prove that success isn't a place on the map.

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