Remote creative sessions

Getting a team working remotely to brainstorm ideas can be a challenge. Andy Young, chief design officer at Glasgow design agency Stance, shares his tips to encourage group creativity.
Me, We, Us

Build layers of engagement. Me: create space for people to reflect and contribute on an individual level. We: bring 2/3 people together to discuss. Us: bring the entire group together and reflect back the conversations had in the 'We' sessions.

Together apart

Think about other creative ways to bring people together during sessions. Background music during individual tasks is a simple way to create a sense of togetherness - for example, co-create a remote workshop playlist.


Transitions are so important. Consider how you want people to arrive and get in the zone. Endings are equally important. Silent jazz hands is a simple way to show appreciation to those who've given their time and energy to the session.


Set up a simple doc or channel for feedback. Ask: what worked well?; what would you like to see more of?; what's one action you're taking away? This allows you to capture feedback and allows participants to contribute to the success of future sessions.

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