How to onboard remotely

Inducting new employees remotely has thrown up a new set of challenges. Canva, an Australian graphic design platform with a workforce of 860, outlines the steps they’ve put in place.
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1. Starter pack delivery

‘A month before, we send out welcome packs. Along with a laptop and other IT essentials, they'll include all this fun company swag and a handwritten card from our culture team.’

2. Virtual induction

‘On boarding can be made up of up to 50 different sessions from different departments – from financing to legal to PR and comms. They’ve all shifted to Zoom.’

3. Home graduation

‘New starters normally begin in a group. Our graduation ceremony has shifted online – with a virtual graduation ceremony background and graduation music playing.’

4. Ice cream sessions

‘They’ll get matched with three different people from teams they wouldn’t normally interact with. It can be morning cups of tea, virtual ice cream sessions, or Friday evenings of wine. The fun part still needs to exist.’

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