Long-term strategy has been cast aside as the pandemic has disrupted every sector from fashion and travel to food and drink. Here we map out five principles to keep in mind through this period of uncertainty. From leaders who are ruthlessly objective and take absolute responsibility, to leaders who constantly motivate themselves, take effective action and carry their people with them, we hope these stories and insights help you come out stronger on the other side.

1. They are ruthlessly objective

Find out what polar explorer and endurance athlete Ben Saunders learned about himself when, during a major expedition in Antarctica, he had to ask for help.

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2. They take absolute responsibility

As a restaurant industry outsider, Nick Kokonas’s approach to the business of restaurants is markedly innovative, and he’s never been afraid to do things his own way. Find out how he battled the pandemic.

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3. They’re able to constantly motivate themselves

Find out why a young man from an immigrant family in California decided, without any money, to go on a quest to import coffee from war-torn Yemen.

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4. They’re able to take effective action

Australia’s raging bushfires left winemaker and grape grower Tessa Brown with a completely destroyed vineyard. Find out what she did next.

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5. They take their people with them

Discover how tapping into your emotional intelligence can help guide your team through times of trouble and uncertainty, according to Amy Gallo, author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict.

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