CORDIAL: Lima's wine bar, cafe and library

Opened in early 2022 in the Barranco neighborhood of Peru's capital, CORDIAL is on a mission to share good music, sustainable ingredients and natural wines with locals and tourists alike.
Cordial 16x9 hero

Co-founded by Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann and Vanessa Touzard, CORDIAL serves dishes designed to match its wines. Ingredient traceability is a key part of the menu.

‘I have a vinyl collection and it seemed natural to have that as part of CORDIAL's identity,’ says Andrés. ‘We planned an audiophile bar. A second space will be closer to that concept.’

Andrés is the founder of publishing house Meier Ramirez and Vanessa used to work for the Peruvian government. When asked how they want people to feel in CORDIAL, they both say: ‘Free.’

CORDIAL specializes in wine made with no added sugars, yeast or other flavor enhancers. Andrés and Vanessa source from global producers who adhere to their sustainable values.

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