AllFive: a platform for connecting solo travelers

When Harsha Parbat returned to India, she found it hard to break into the local social scene. So, she created a place where people could bond through unique activities.
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‘We provide experiences that are memories of a lifetime,’ says Harsha Parbat, founder of discovery platform AllFive. The company connects its users to exciting activities all across India, such as supper clubs, interactive workshops, nature escapes and culture tours. 

Harsha started her career working with tech startups in California, living and working there for 16 years before moving back to India. She found it difficult to integrate back into the social landscape and didn't know where to find fun things to do. 

She decided to create a solution to the problem. Her goal was to build a platform to connect people and build communities through fun events and shared interests. ‘Limited information allows you to make limited decisions, and I love the flow of information,’ says Harsha. Gaining an understanding of the local market, people's spending capacity and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic through research helped to turn this idea into a reality.

In November 2020, when lockdown restrictions started to ease across India, Harsha launched AllFive, offering hyperlocal experiences in big cities across the country. The intention – and the inspiration behind the name – is to activate all five senses through these events, leaving its customers with lifelong memories. 

Users are primarily Gen Z and millennials looking for ways to find meaning outside the office. ‘It's not just about the food or travel; it's about expanding your experience and learning something new,’ explains Harsha. 

The platform also helps people to bond, using food and culture as common ground. ‘You live in a bubble, so when you experience something new, it brings a new perspective to your life, humbles you and leaves you with a happy memory,’ says Harsha. 

Hosting partners can list their experiences on the platform but Harsha and her team also reach out to providers they want to work with. Understanding their history, backstory and passion inspires her. ‘We're tapping into the experience economy and creating a platform for new entrepreneurs,’ she explains. ‘If you have a skill, put it out there.’ 

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